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Email & Calendar

We provide two different approaches for email, calendar and other office services: 1) Exchange hosted by us 2) Office 365 hosted by Microsoft. For customers with concerns having their data outside Europe or Finland, we recommend our own Email services.

Our email services are based on Microsoft Exchange. It provides a state-of-art email, calendar, task and contact management system. We can also provide you with your own dedicated environment. Please, contact us for more details on pricing of a custom solution.

Microsoft Office 365 is a Microsoft platform for international cloud services. They are provided under Microsoft terms. Please, see more about the pricing and plans here.

Prices exclude VAT.

Our email platform is based on industry leading Microsoft Exchange solution. It provides modern, reliable and safe email. The pricing table is flexable. If you don’t find a plan suitable for you, please ask us!


You can read your email safely though your Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any computer having internet access. Service has a native support for Microsoft Office Outlook and an awesome webmail interface though Outlook Web Access. Synchronization works with most iPhones, Android devices and Windows Phones.

Does your email account require changing mail servers when you change your location? Do that no more. You can use our mail service whether you are at work, at home or on a holiday trip on the other side of the world.


Our solution enables you to use automatic Out of Office notifications with internal-only option. Conversation View in Outlook helps to group messages in different folders to a logical discussion like view. Internal Address Book helps you to communicate with other people in your organization. You can create distribution groups for your organization.

See also the calendar section on the second tab to understand fully the capabilities of our solution.

The calendar gives broad variety of features. Where ever you go you can access your always up-to-date calendar through your mobile phone, your tablet or your computer. It can also remind you of you appointment if you want!

It’s easy to send invitations to meetings to your team and mark your appointments to your calendar. You are also able to see other attendees busy/available information while booking a meeting. This will make it so much easier to find a suitable time for everyone.

Many companies already use meeting invitations when you register for webinars and other events. You can add these automatically to your calendar. You can also share your calendar with your colleagues so that they can book an appointment for you. Resource calendars enable you to book meeting rooms, video projectors etc.

Tasks can be created for your personal note or delegated to others in your organization. Your Outlook work really as a mini project management system.

You get the newest Microsoft Office applications. Always up to date. Updates and new versions are available without additional cost.

Included software and services:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • Access (PC only)
  • OneDrive


Majority of virus infections today are caused by emails. All your mail is filtered with our antivirus appliance. If infection is found, email is stopped before it reaches the mail server.

We also check mail links that they are as they appear. If an address of a link differs from the location it’s pointing we mark it as a security concern. That way you won’t be misled to harmful fake sites.

Spam Filtering

Our spam filters check the mail and if it is ranked as spam it will be stored by the filter. You will receive a notification if you like to release the mail.

Server Security

Access to the mail service is secured with SSL. All mail servers are regularly updated to keep them secure.