Virtual Servers in Our Datacenter

We provide virtual servers with Microsoft Windows Server or Linux. All virtual servers are located in our failover protected datacenter with duplicated disk services and automatic backup plan.

Please contact us for pricing details.

Physical Servers in Our Datacenter

Physical server are available for local installation to your office or to our datacenter. Our server specialists help you to choose the right device with right options. You can also bring your own server to our device facilities.

Servers can be rented with or without operating system. If the server is rented with operating system we include our maintenance service for your convenience.

Please contact us for our pricing details.

Datacenter as Service

Do you want to be able to know exactly where and how your data is handled? We provide you with the whole solution in your own premises. Our cost-effective package includes everything. It’s a full turnkey solution. We are specialized in hyper-converged solutions.

Please contact us for our pricing details.