Service Desk

In need of assistance?

If you already have a support plan or you are calling as a one-time customer, you can get your support…

Our Service Desk helps you when you need it! If you are just one-time customer, you can call us at our support line. Please keep your billing details nearby.

Our no strings attached plan is 90€/h (every beginning hour).

If you already have a support contract with us or you work for a company that has it, you don’t need anything more than your name and we serve you.

With our monthly support plans you can get a considerably lower pricing. We are able to tailor you exactly the plan you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you.

Our Service Desk practices are based on ITIL/ISO20000. This enables us to serve you faster and more reliably. Solutions and changes are documented. You can get a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for our service or for any business critical case. You can also track your or your company cases through our support system.