Infrastructure update for the email system has been complited

Information regarding this update is available on this page:

Because of the update there were some delays on delivering the email to your inbox. All messages have been delivered successfully now.

Some email clients including phones and computers might need resetting the email account. However this is not needed if you device keeps receiving email in normal manner.

If you device email account settings needs to be reset, please remove the original email account from you device. After you have deleted the account follow this guidance to add it again:

  1. Email account type is Exchange (2016).
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. If required, enter your email as username. No domain is usuallly required, but if needed use PALVELIMETNET.
  4. If required, enter as the server address.

We are commited to help you with this update even during the holiday season between the 24th and the 29th of December 2019 in the following phone number: +358 45 630 6511. For remote assistance on you computer please download Teamviewer before you call us. You may find it here