Just couple of days ago we got a printer returned to us from the home office of one our customer’s sales preps . We found out that the customer had Kyocera FS-C2026MFP+ Printer configured with IP Filter and we didn’t know the subnet. This prevented us from accessing Kyocera Command Center through the printer. It also appears that there is no way to configure this filter from the console. The only place you can find this filter setting is the Command Center!

We didn’t have the password either. So, we needed to do a full factory reset for the network setting of the Kyocera FS-C2026MFP+. This doesn’t seem to be publicly documented anywhere else in the In ternet so we decided to share the procedure with you. Please note that this procedure is usually done by a service technician from Kyocera. So we can’t give you any garrantees it will work with your Kyocera laser printer or that you don’t render you device useless peace of junk.

First of all, you need a firmware package for you specific printer model and a USB drive that is large enough to handle the files extracted from the firmware ZIP file. A 512MB USB drive will probably do. You can get the firmware usually free of charge from you local Kyocera Document solutions support line. Please see the Find you country link on the Global Kyocera Document Solution site to find you closest support number. After that you can find the right number from the Contact us section of the page. Just ask them to send you the latest firmware by email for you printer.

Updating the firmware to support the factory reset

Next you need to check that the drive is in FAT32 format. If it is not, please format it as FAT32 (please note that this will delete all data from the drive). Extract the correct firmware from the firmware ZIP archive you received the support to the root of the USB drive. The follow these steps:

  1. Remove power from the printer (switch of the main power switch or unplug the cord)
  2. Connect the USB drive to one of the USB ports in the printer
  3. Reconnect the power to the printer or switch it on
  4. After a while the printer starts to do an automatic firmware update from the USB drive, please wait patiently (this can take up to 20 minutes)
  5. After the firmware update is complete, you can see a list of updates done to the printer. This is how you know that the update is complete.
  6. Switch of the power again.
  7. Remove the USB drive from the printer USB port
  8. Reconnect the power to the printer or switch it on

Now you should have the latest Firmware in the printer. After this you can try the following procedure to reset the network settings on you Kyocera printer.

Factory Reset for the netwok settings

  1. Check that you are in Copy mode, if not, select this mode by pushing the Copy button on you printer
  2. Press the following number sequence with the number pad: 10871087 (this will activate the service mode on your printer)
  3. Select the correct menu item by press numbers 021 in the number pad (something like “Init Mem” should appear in you printer display)
  4. Press the Start button of you printer
  5. If there opens a menu, select “Execute” option and press Start again
  6. Wait couple of minutes and switch the device off and back on again from the main power switch

Now you should be able to access you printer Kyocera Command Center with the printer IP address. You can check the IP address though the usual ways in the menus (default username for Kyocera FS-C2026MFP+ menu is Admin and the password is Admin) or by printing Status report from you printer. The password should be reseted to default and any IP filters should be gone. The default password for Kyocera FS-C2026MFP+ Control Center is admin00.

Have fun!